Steve Howell is a journalist, author and activist. In the 2017 General Election, he worked as deputy director of strategy and communications for Jeremy Corbyn. He founded the communications consultancy, Freshwater UK, in 1997 and remains a board member.

Steve’s novel, Over The Line, published in 2015, tells the story of an Olympic athlete under suspicion after being embroiled in a police investigation into the drug-related death of an old school friend.

For the background to Over The Line, read Steve’s Guardian column, which is reproduced on this site: Protect children from pressure to use steroids

The opinion section of this site also has an extensive selection of Steve’s writing for The Guardian and Western Mail as well as other pieces on topical issues.

One post tells the story of the dying days of the grammar school he attended - How pupil power overthrew delusion and division. Another explains how a visit to central America inspired his first attempt at writing a novel – Nicaragua notebook triggered a long writing journey.

Steve has also written a number of short stories - see Tinderbox - and is working on a novel that explores the effects of invasive policing.

Over The Line in paperback is on sale at Waterstones and other bookshops or via this website at £7.99. A Kindle edition of Over The Line is available at £1.99 via Amazon. To order, see below.

Praise for Over The Line

‘This is not just a book sports fans - it weaves some links to other interesting themes. Read it in one sitting on the flight to Rio. Excellent.’
- Ian Gordon,
sports writer.

‘What a great read.’
- Katharine Merry,
Olympic 400m bronze medallist, Sydney, and former world number one.

'A gripping tale from a masterful storyteller'
– Jamie Owen,
broadcaster and author.

‘The heroine of British athletics, tainted by doping and death. Couldn't happen? Read Over The Line and decide. Absorbing.’
- Michael Calvin,
Independent on Sunday columnist, author of Proud (with Gareth Thomas) and Living On The Volcano.

'Over the Line is a good old-fashioned story, with characters you will care about and a plot that will keep you turning pages until the very end'
- Dylan Moore,
writer and critic.

‘We agree with the rave reviews - a well-written and interesting tale.’
- Athletics Weekly

'A good read that will resonate and stir debate at all levels in sport.'
- Richard Caborn,
Minister of Sport, 2001–2007.

'The author set out to make a statement with this novel and has done so successfully.'
- Buzz Magazine

‘Had me gasping with its surprises from the first page.’
- Jamie Baulch,
Olympic silver medalist.

‘Homework has obviously been done here. It’s an informed, fast-paced tale of suspicion, bereavement and betrayal that tackles steroid abuse head-on.’
- Nigel Walker,
former Olympic hurdler and Welsh rugby international, now National Director of the English Institute of Sport.

‘A proper page-turner! Very good.’
- Matt Slater,
BBC Sports Correspondent.

‘A gripping and well informed page turner set against an athlete’s preparation for the Rio Olympics. Well worth reading.’
- Jack Miller,
Backtrack magazine.

‘A well-written, pacy thriller.’
- Carl Difford,
South Wales Argus.

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Order the Kindle edition at £1.99 via Amazon