Steve has also written a novel, Over The Line, telling the story of an Olympic athlete under suspicion after being embroiled in a police investigation into the drug-related death of an old school friend.

‘With each passing month, the themes in Over The Line become more relevant.’ Sean Ingle, The Guardian.

'A gripping tale from a masterful storyteller' – Jamie Owen, broadcaster and author.

‘The heroine of British athletics, tainted by doping and death. Couldn't happen? Read Over The Line and decide. Absorbing.’ - Michael Calvin, Independent on Sunday columnist, author of Proud (with Gareth Thomas) and Living On The Volcano.

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Steve Howell is a journalist, author and activist. His latest book – Game Changer – tells his own story of the 2017 General Election, when he worked as deputy director of strategy and communications for Jeremy Corbyn.

It was an election that transformed British politics. When Theresa May unexpectedly called it, most political commentators had written Jeremy Corbyn off. Labour was trailing the Tories in the polls by margins that would produce the landslide May wanted.Eight weeks later, the voters delivered their verdict – the largest increase in Labour’s vote share since 1945 and a hung Parliament.

Game Changer tells the inside story of the most dramatic election of modern times.

‘Howell was at the heart of Labour's campaign - few people are better placed to shed light on Jeremy Corbyn's unexpected success in stripping the Tories of their majority.’

- Anushka Asthana, Political Editor, The Guardian 

Published: 18 April 2018 (Accent Press)

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