Steve Howell is a journalist, activist and author of two books: Over The Line and Game Changer.

First published in 2015, Over The Line tells the story of an Olympic poster girl who comes under suspicion because of her links to the steroid-fuelled death of a childhood friend. The media declare her guilty by association. The dead boy’s mother thinks she’s hiding something.

‘With each passing month, the themes in Over The Line become more relevant.’

Sean Ingle,
The Guardian.

‘The heroine of British athletics, tainted by doping and death. Couldn't happen? Read Over The Line and decide. Absorbing.’

Michael Calvin,
author and former Independent on Sunday columnist

Game Changer is an insider’s account of one of the most dramatic elections of modern times. In 2017, when Theresa May unexpectedly called a general election, most commentators thought she would win by a landslide. But, over a tense and turbulent eight weeks, Labour closed the gap to deny May a majority with the largest increase in Labour’s vote share since 1945.

‘If you want to get the inside account of Labour’s historic general election campaign, I couldn’t recommend more former Corbyn staffer Steve Howell’s Game Changer.’

Owen Jones,
Chavs author and Guardian columnist.

"Game Changer is a vivid account of what it was like to be in the engine room of Jeremy Corbyn's remarkable election campaign."

Dennis Kavanagh,
Emeritus Professor of Politics, University of Liverpool. Author of Thatcherism and British Politics.

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