Collateral Damage

"It’s brilliant, a very good book. I do recommend it – I read it non-stop because I so enjoyed it.”
- Jeremy Corbyn

"An engrossing political thriller...Fast-paced and carefully plotted, it’s a short and punchy read, which I devoured in a couple of sittings. The novel’s central twist continues to have painful relevance today.”
- Ian Sinclair,
Morning Star

“Intriguing and engaging. Deconstructing complex imperialist histories through some brilliant and accessible characters. Bravo.”
-Jennifer Larbie,
Christian Aid

“This empathetic story of lives being trashed is a timely reminder that our freedoms are being increasingly eroded and of the precarious situation in which Palestinians all over the world still find themselves.”
- Betty Hunter,
Honorary President, Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Collateral Damage is a political thriller that tells the story of a Palestinian woman’s search for the truth about the death of her lover in Tripoli.

Set in 1987, it tackles the big contemporary themes of regime-change wars, the Palestinian struggle for justice and state intervention in democratic movements.

Told from four points of view, the central character is Ayesha Khoury, a Palestinian woman who has made a life for herself in London after being traumatised by events in Beirut a few years earlier.

When Ayesha’s journalist partner, Tom Carver, is found dead on a beach in Tripoli, where he was attending a peace conference, she refuses to accept that it was an accident and embarks on a search for the truth that brings her into conflict with the British state.

In setting the book a year after the first US air strikes on Libya, Steve has drawn on his personal experience of visiting Tripoli in 1987 as a British peace activist.

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