Game Changer – Eight Weeks That Transformed British Politics

Game Changer is the story of the most dramatic election of modern times. The pundits thought Theresa May would get the landslide she wanted. But within the Corbyn camp there was always optimism.

Corbyn’s supporters believed voters would respond to his anti-austerity message once broadcasters had to give it fairer exposure. They also had a secret weapon: manifesto policies worked on quietly for 18 months that would offer a country run ‘for the many not the few’.

But the campaign also had its lows: the ceaseless right-wing press vilification of Corbyn, unprecedented racist and misogynistic abuse of Diane Abbott, and the horrendous terrorist attacks in Manchester and London.
Steve Howell was a member a Corbyn’s strategy group and involved in all the key campaign decisions.

As the Guardian’s political editor, Anushka Asthana, says:

‘Howell was at the heart of Labour's campaign - few people are better placed to shed light on Jeremy Corbyn's unexpected success in stripping the Tories of their majority.’

Published: 18 April 2018, Accent Press.

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