4 August 2016
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4 August 2016,

During the Olympic Games in Rio, Steve will be discussing the themes of Over The Line with readers at events in Cardiff and Maple Grove near Minneapolis and asking: how much of what we saw was fiction?

On Monday 15 August, he will be joining a Minnesotan book club via Skype to see how they have reacted to the novel’s story of an Olympic athlete embroiled in a doping crisis.

On the following Saturday (at 1.30pm), he will be speaking at Octavo’s Book Café in Cardiff about sport, ethics and the book’s wider themes of trust and betrayal.

“It will be fascinating to find out how readers in Minnesota have responded to my book – the issues are topical across the world but they are bound to have a distinctive perspective of their own on them,” said Steve

“It was arranged through a relative but I don’t know any of the other people involved, and I am looking forward to hearing what they have to say. I love doing book clubs because people discuss the characters with you as if they know them and talk about the issues and themes really passionately.”

The Cardiff event is open to everyone – regardless of whether or not they have read Over The Line – and will start with a short talk from Steve before opening up for questions and discussion.

“Because the protagonist in Over The Line – Megan – is an Olympic athlete, people are often surprised to find there is very little sporting action in it.

“The book tells the story of doping crisis in which an athlete comes under suspicion through the company she keeps and past mistakes and how she then faces suspicion, trial by media and the presumption of guilt.

“I quote Albert Camus on learning about morality from sport at the outset because my intention was to use doping to explore timeless questions about trust and betrayal.”

Octavo’s is a new book cafe and wine bar situated in the heart of Cardiff Bay’s creative quarter, on West Bute Street, offering food, teas and coffees, wines, ciders, beers and a range of soft drinks. It’s also an independent bookshop, featuring a range of poetry and fiction and children’s and young adult books.

Octavo’s also has an exciting programme of events aimed at all ages – from baby and toddler story time and regular author events to weekly clubs including knitting, board games and bridge.


Steve is happy to speak at book clubs, schools, Literature Festivals and other events. Contact Jamie-Lee Cole or Hannah Jones on 02920 545370.

Over The Line is available on Kindle (£1.99) and in paperback (£6.99) via Amazon as well as at Waterstones and other bookshops. It is also on sale via this website’s secure PayPal order page at the special offer rate of £5 post free in the UK (rates for other regions discounted) – ORDER