26 February 2015

Writing novel punctuated by news of needless deaths from steroid abuse

26 February 2015,

The likes of Lance Armstrong and Marion Jones may grab the headlines for their underhand use of performance-enhancing drugs, but there is another side […]

25 February 2015

Timely novel tackles deadly consequences of steroid abuse

25 February 2015,

A new novel, which is being published Monday 2 March, 2015, by Quaero, is a timely exploration of the issues of steroid use in […]

16 February 2015

Ever-growing inequality is unjust and unsustainable: we cannot allow vested interests to stop us doing something about it

16 February 2015,

“The world economy is a place of staggering extremes. The 85 richest people in the world have accumulated the same wealth as the bottom […]

28 January 2015

A story of gnawing guilt, unfathomable loyalty – and the deadly culture of steroid-fuelled body-building

28 January 2015,

A new novel tackling the issues of drugs in sport and the rapid spread of steroid abuse for image-enhancing body-building is set to be […]

27 January 2015

Platform for Lance Armstrong insults families who have lost loved ones through steroid abuse

27 January 2015,

Yesterday, as the BBC was revealing plans to broadcast a 30-minute interview with Lance Armstrong, I received a reminder of the deadly reality of […]

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