14 August 2015

Like doping controversies, novel highlights how trust is tested when the truth is unclear – author

14 August 2015,

The author of topical novel Over The Line told an event in Monmouth this week how ‘uncanny’ it had been to see issues unfolding […]

23 July 2015

Memory loss from steroid abuse could make a fool of you

23 July 2015,

On my desk I have a coaster with a picture of a man saying ‘drinking can cause memory loss… or even worse, memory loss.’ […]

17 July 2015

Book tour: author sees Over The Line as ‘a story about trust’

17 July 2015,

The next stop on the Over The Line book tour is in Monmouth on Wednesday 12th August when author Steve Howell will discuss and […]

6 July 2015

Why George Osborne should be listening to Charlotte Church

6 July 2015,

‘Hypocritical witch’, ‘uninformed and thick’, ‘soul of the devil’ – that’s just a sample of the vitriol that spewed onto Twitter denouncing Charlotte Church […]

22 June 2015

Anabolic steroid abuse: a health timebomb?

22 June 2015,

I have hesitated to talk in terms of ‘epidemics’ and ‘timebombs’ when writing about anabolic steroid abuse – but maybe I’ve been too cautious. […]

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