1 September 2017

A great campaign shone a light on the star of the show – an equally great manifesto

1 September 2017,

Shortly after the General Election, Theresa May appointed a senior BBC journalist as her communications chief – but perhaps she’d do better employing a […]

31 May 2017

Picking a bone with Rhodri Morgan in New York

31 May 2017,

Photo caption: Rhodri Morgan at the opening of new Freshwater offices in Cardiff in 2004, with (left to right): Jonathan Smith (Freshwater Board Director), […]

13 February 2017

Restoring corporation tax cuts would generate more than £350m a week for NHS

13 February 2017,

When I left the BBC 20 years ago to set up a PR consultancy, new technology was a fax machine and politics was dominated […]

30 January 2017

Theresa May echoes Kipling in dog-whistle to ‘Alt Right’

30 January 2017,

The excruciating reluctance of Theresa May to condemn Donald Trump’s ban on immigrants from seven mainly-Muslim countries can hardly be a surprise. After all, […]

16 January 2017

Fake news: Look out for vested interests behind ‘facts’ we’re fed

16 January 2017,

When is news fake? It’s a question that’s been around at least since the American Revolution when Benjamin Franklin circulated a fake newspaper in […]

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