10 September 2018

Game Changer author goes on the road to discuss lessons of 2017

10 September 2018,

Game Changer author Steve Howell may have been closeted in Labour headquarters during the 2017 general election, but he is making up for it […]

21 March 2018

New book tells story of inspirational Corbyn campaign

21 March 2018,

The story of how Jeremy Corbyn defied the odds to deny the Tories a majority in last year’s general election is set to be […]

2 January 2018

Where are they now? University of Sheffield alumni interview

2 January 2018,

  Steve recently spoke with the University of Sheffield, where he studied economic history in the 1970s, featuring in its ‘Where are they now?’ […]

1 September 2017

An insider’s perspective on Jeremy Corbyn’s surprise General Election surge

1 September 2017,

The professional body for PR practitioners in Wales, CIPR Cymru, is organising a breakfast event to discuss what the comms world can learn from […]

4 August 2016

Home and away – Steve set to discuss novel with readers in Wales and Minnesota

4 August 2016,

During the Olympic Games in Rio, Steve will be discussing the themes of Over The Line with readers at events in Cardiff and Maple […]