23 March 2015

Dame Rosemary Butler and Jamie Baulch join author for Over The Line launch

23 March 2015,

Olympic silver medallist Jamie Baulch and National Assembly for Wales presiding officer Dame Rosemary Butler were among the VIP guests at the launch of […]

25 February 2015

Timely novel tackles deadly consequences of steroid abuse

25 February 2015,

A new novel, which is being published Monday 2 March, 2015, by Quaero, is a timely exploration of the issues of steroid use in […]

28 January 2015

A story of gnawing guilt, unfathomable loyalty – and the deadly culture of steroid-fuelled body-building

28 January 2015,

A new novel tackling the issues of drugs in sport and the rapid spread of steroid abuse for image-enhancing body-building is set to be […]