19 August 2015

How my Nicaragua notebook triggered a long writing journey

19 August 2015,

It’s 1989, and I’m on my own on a long haul flight returning to Britain from Central America. I had been visiting Esteli, Sheffield’s twin […]

23 July 2015

Memory loss from steroid abuse could make a fool of you

23 July 2015,

On my desk I have a coaster with a picture of a man saying ‘drinking can cause memory loss… or even worse, memory loss.’ […]

6 July 2015

Why George Osborne should be listening to Charlotte Church

6 July 2015,

‘Hypocritical witch’, ‘uninformed and thick’, ‘soul of the devil’ – that’s just a sample of the vitriol that spewed onto Twitter denouncing Charlotte Church […]

22 June 2015

Anabolic steroid abuse: a health timebomb?

22 June 2015,

I have hesitated to talk in terms of ‘epidemics’ and ‘timebombs’ when writing about anabolic steroid abuse – but maybe I’ve been too cautious. […]

8 June 2015

New EU-US trade agreement is a threat to democracy

8 June 2015,

Imagine this. It’s 2020. The National Assembly for Wales has wider powers. One of the issues of concern is an alarming rise in alcohol […]

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