How an unexplained death influenced Collateral Damage
13 April 2021

How an unexplained death influenced Collateral Damage

13 April 2021,

It was a bright Mediterranean day in 1987. The resort was drenched in sun, looking like something from a travel brochure. We’d gathered in […]

Tony Benn Collateral Damage
6 April 2021

Benn’s prescient warning after the US bombed Libya in 1986

6 April 2021,

The 1986 US air strikes on Libya, which form the backdrop to Collateral Damage, were a watershed moment in world politics. To a degree, […]

Bernie Sanders
2 February 2021

Sanders calls on Biden to pursue ‘aggressive working class agenda’

2 February 2021,

This time two years ago, the idea that both the White House and Downing Street could be occupied by socialist leaders seemed a stretch […]

USA Presidential Election 2020
8 September 2020

US presidential election – another unappetising choice

8 September 2020,

When US voters go to the polls on November 3, it is an understatement to say they will face, once again, an unappetising choice […]

6 May 2020

Four dead in Ohio – fifty years on

6 May 2020,

Fifty years ago, as now, many colleges and universities across America were shut down – but the cause then was a contagion of a […]

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