20 April 2015

Is Nike taking athletics over the line?

20 April 2015,

Next month I will be making a pilgrimage to Oregon, the state on the US west coast dubbed the ‘mecca of track and field’ […]

13 April 2015

Not only is austerity unfair, it isn’t working

13 April 2015,

Maybe I read the wrong newspapers, but I don’t think I was alone in my ‘so what?’ reaction to a hundred business leaders signing […]

16 March 2015

Climate change: there’s too much at stake to risk prevarication

16 March 2015,

General Elections are rarely game-changers. The victories of Clement Attlee in 1945 and Margaret Thatcher in 1979 would arguably fall into that category, but […]

26 February 2015

Writing novel punctuated by news of needless deaths from steroid abuse

26 February 2015,

The likes of Lance Armstrong and Marion Jones may grab the headlines for their underhand use of performance-enhancing drugs, but there is another side […]

16 February 2015

Ever-growing inequality is unjust and unsustainable: we cannot allow vested interests to stop us doing something about it

16 February 2015,

“The world economy is a place of staggering extremes. The 85 richest people in the world have accumulated the same wealth as the bottom […]

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