20 August 2019

Land banking may not be ‘purely speculative’ but it is very lucrative

20 August 2019,

If in difficulty, change the question. It’s an old political tactic but, as Philip Hammond reflects on his three years as Chancellor of the […]

Joe Biden 2020
21 May 2019

Biden’s narrative fails the Marks and Spencer test

21 May 2019,

It doesn’t matter whether you are chocolate pudding or a would-be president, the product has to meet expectations. The Marks and Spencer ‘food porn’ […]

Corbyn Labour
14 March 2019

You can’t have public benefit without spending a penny

14 March 2019,

It will probably be looked back on as one of the paradoxes of the Corbyn era that, in 2017, a leader who lacked a […]

Jesse Jackson
9 November 2018

Persistence can pay for the other America

9 November 2018,

In 1970, when I visited my great aunt in a leafy suburb of Chicago, the Bible was read before meals and pamphlets talking of […]

5 November 2018

US elections: Six-to-watch on November 6th

5 November 2018,

Bernie Sanders is calling it “a pivotal moment in American history”. And for good reason: this Tuesday’s US general election could impose a restraining […]

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