23 November 2015

In era of big money, sport needs to invest more in governance and doping control

23 November 2015,

Do sport and business mix? That question would have seemed Luddite in the heady days of the 1990s when football was first deluged with […]

9 November 2015

Enduring Lambrakis story sets example for crisis-torn athletics

9 November 2015,

Athens was a good place to be yesterday if you needed an antidote to the contagion that has left athletics in a critical condition. […]

4 November 2015

Debut poetry collection pulls no punches – but inspires hope

4 November 2015,

Guest contributor Rajvi Glasbrook reviews Amnesia, a debut collection of poems by Rhys Milsom, published by Onion Custard. Amnesia is an unflinching comment on […]

26 October 2015

While Britain signs China nuclear deal, solar power faces meltdown

26 October 2015,

When Manchester rolled out Denis Law and Mike Summerbee to meet China’s president on Friday, the symbolism seemed apt. Much as I admired them […]

28 September 2015

If China is choking, we might need to try something radical

28 September 2015,

A German couple on the train to Kowloon on Friday told me China’s economic slowdown had brought the unexpected benefit of an improvement in […]

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