23 November 2016

Filibuster to block pay for interns highlights risk to rights from Brexit

23 November 2016,

Paying homage to working people is all the rage in politics at the moment. Donald Trump says he’ll create jobs for the casualties of […]

24 October 2016

Hats off to Gary Lineker – the issue isn’t numbers but resources

24 October 2016,

Gary Lineker has been riding Twitter tackles as nimbly as he handled lunging defenders in his footballing days. After calling The Sun’s coverage of […]

10 October 2016

Déjà vu on Grammar Schools: how pupil power overthrew delusion and division

10 October 2016,

Hendon County, 1971, Lower Sixth: Peter Mandelson (front row, second from left), Steve Howell (third row, fourth from left) and Keren Abse (third row, […]

30 August 2016

Tax breaks need to be seen to deliver measurable economic benefits

30 August 2016,

As Theresa May reviews the policies of the previous regime this summer, she might like to pop ‘ER for investors’ on a misappropriation of […]

2 August 2016

Whiff of double standards in media coverage of Lizzie Armitstead

2 August 2016,

The case of British cyclist Lizzie Armitstead embodies the best and worst aspects of the doping crisis that continues to engulf almost every sport […]

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