13 February 2017

Restoring corporation tax cuts would generate more than £350m a week for NHS

13 February 2017,

When I left the BBC 20 years ago to set up a PR consultancy, new technology was a fax machine and politics was dominated […]

30 January 2017

Theresa May echoes Kipling in dog-whistle to ‘Alt Right’

30 January 2017,

The excruciating reluctance of Theresa May to condemn Donald Trump’s ban on immigrants from seven mainly-Muslim countries can hardly be a surprise. After all, […]

16 January 2017

Fake news: Look out for vested interests behind ‘facts’ we’re fed

16 January 2017,

When is news fake? It’s a question that’s been around at least since the American Revolution when Benjamin Franklin circulated a fake newspaper in […]

22 December 2016

Short story: Tinderbox – another day in 2016

22 December 2016,

Long Beach in summer is like a tinderbox. Okay, the sea breeze takes the edge off the heat if you’re walking along the bluff […]

23 November 2016

Filibuster to block pay for interns highlights risk to rights from Brexit

23 November 2016,

Paying homage to working people is all the rage in politics at the moment. Donald Trump says he’ll create jobs for the casualties of […]

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